terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

The question everybody does: How and Why Peru?

A question that always comes up whenever I meet someone new in Peru is:
Why did you decide to come to Peru, especially Trujillo? How did you do it?

First of all, we have to consider my professional trajectory and remember that it is not very easy to find a job at an international school if you are not a native speaker of the English Language(America, British, Australian, Canadian, etc). 

But as my dream was to get to know the world in a different way I started looking for Jobs all around the world. I would go into the Cambridge website and look in the tab Find a Cambridge School and I would look for schools that were needing Maths teacher with Experience in the IGCSE(mainly but not exclusively). 

In this quest I received contact from 2 schools, one in Trujillo(Peru) and Cochabamba(Bolívia) and, for different reasons, among them the possibility of acquiring experience in the International Baccalaureate, I ended up deciding to come to Trujillo and here I am for almost one year and a half. 

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

The previous name of the Blog was ´Eu ando pelo mundo` which means I walk throughout the world which is the portuguese translation fora part of the song Esquadros from the Brazilian Singer Adriana Calcanhoto. And the name of the blog adress continues the song:
Eu ando pelo mundo prestando atenção em cores - which means I walk throughout the world paying attention in colours. I completely adore this song and it was more or less how I felt first time I went abroad(to live). You can listen to it here?

However, as I decided to change a little bit the language, focus and the direction of the blog I thought I should probably also think about changing the tittle of it, even though the link I won´t be able to do it. So I decided to take a look in the Travel Songs Playlist I have created before I came to Peru. (Writing as an idea for a post to organize this playlist here),
This playlist has songs in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

And one of the songs I like a lot, it is not a very catchy song, but has an awesome lyrics which I relate a lot to it. The feeling of going away, getting to know different cultures, places and horizons  makes me have a much wider vision of the world.

The song is Citizen of the planet from Alanis Morissete. You can hear it here and see the lyrics underneath it. 

I start up in the north
 I grow from a special seed
 I sprinkle it with sensibility
 From French and Hungarian snow

Until my engine's full
I linger in the sprouting
  Then I move across the sea
 To European bliss
I kiss my mother's mother

To language of poets

 As I cut the cord of home

 Look to the horizon

  Wide eyed, new ground

My president is Kwan Yin

Humbled by my new surroundings

  I am a citizen of the planet

 My frontier is on an airplane

 My prisons, homes for rehabilitating


But everything is different

Then I fly back to my rest
 I fly back with my nuclear
 So I wait
 My yearn for home is broadened

 Patriotism expanded

By callings from beyond

My laws are all of attraction

So I pack my things

 Nothing precious
I am a citizen of the planet

All things sacred

 My punishments are consequences

 Separating from source the original sin

  I am a citizen of the planet

And so the next few years are blurry

Democracy's kids are sovereign

 Where the teachers are the sages

 And pedestals filled with every parent

  The next decade's a flurry

 Of smells and tastes unknown

 Threads sewn straight through this fabric

 Through fields of every color

From simple roots through high vision

One culture to another

  And I come alive
And I am taken and globally naturalized

And I get giddy

  I am a citizen of the planet

 I am guarded by the angels

 And my body guides the direction I go in

  I am a citizen of the planet
My favorite pastime edge stretching

These ideals are born from my deepest within
Besotten with human condition

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

What countries do you know? (a way of living and learning)

Sometimes I hear this question from people and my answer is never saying the name of the countries I have visited. I always have to start explaining what ´knowing a country` means to me.
I don´t feel comfortable saying that I know some country I have visited for a week, a couple of days or even some few hours. For me knowing a country means you understand different things such as:
  • ·         The weather and geography of it;
  • ·         You have at least an idea of the type of music they like to listen to and dance;
  • ·         Tried many different types of typical food;
  • ·         Learn about different habits;
  • ·         You have learned how to cook at least a few of their typical food;
  • ·         Awareness of how their religious and/or spiritual beliefs work;
  • ·         Learn some of their history;
  • ·         General idea, at least, from the political/economical situation in which the country lives;
  • ·         You have visited some of their touristic and natural places;
  • ·         Participate in local events;
  • ·         You realized the differences between their own culture.

Among others, these are the main ones but not the only.
My question is how can you get to know all this in a week, living in a hotel, going only for touristic places and eating in restaurants?

Map of the countries I have lived/visited

Peru is the third country I am living in and even when I am telling something how it works I make sure I say that this is my experience in this time and in this place.
Generalizing how a country works is very dangerous and can be very inaccurate when you are traveling just for vacations, because even inside of the same country you can find so many differences: different types of food, accents, behaviours, sense of community, awareness and concern for the evironment, etc.

So, for me the only way I will be able to say I know a country is when I get to know many of the things I just said. In this sense, I dare to day I know only three countries and they are Brazil, Venezuela and Peru because I lived in it, and that´s why I decided to work as an international teacher.

sábado, 5 de novembro de 2016

Language Transition and Real come back

As I explained in the previous post(in Portuguese) the objective of the blog(when I first created it) was to show first my family and friends what I was doing while in my exchange in Venezuela and also to show other people who could be interested in the country.

My new objective is show the place where I am living(Peru) and also be able to Interact with other bloggers who might have a similar experience(International teaching), so I decided to change the language from Portuguese to English. 

I meant to write with more frequency when I just moved. But too many things as usual and I didn´t give myself lots of time to do it, but now really coming back, so wait for many news around here. 

quinta-feira, 9 de julho de 2015

O idioma do blog X O seu objetivo

Quem acompanhou o blog, durante o tempo que estava na Venezuela, viu como meu português foi ficando péssimo de acordo com o tempo que eu passava lá, falava só espanhol e não praticava meu português.
Preciso inclusive comentar que quando cheguei no Brasil foram ainda uns 5 dias para eu começar a falar português direito, sem misturar palavras em espanhol.
Vejam um exemplo dos erros horríveis que cometia nesse post. Mas quem fala a língua espanhola vai entender perfeitamente que tipo de erro que eu estava cometendo e isso era justamente pelo fato de falar só espanhol.
Além disso, normalmente, quando uma pessoa cria um blog com um determinado tema e objetivo ela tende a ler e interagir mais com outros blogueiros daquele tema. Ao decidir voltar a escrever pensei: o objetivo desse blog era falar das minhas experiências de intercâmbio para amigos e família.
Agora resolvi mudar! O objetivo continua sendo esse de uma certa forma, porém não estou mais fazendo intercâmbio, de forma que eu quero aproveitar para interagir mais com outros professores internacionais.
Portaaaaanto, a partir do próximo post, vou começar a escrever em inglês. Assim, eu consigo interagir com quem vai ser o objetivo do blog e ainda evito ficar errando o português por confusão com o espanhol.
Quem quiser continuar acompanhando me avisa que vou fazer parceria com uma escola de inglês pra dar desconto pros meus leitores. Hahahaha!

And See you later alligator.