quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

The previous name of the Blog was ´Eu ando pelo mundo` which means I walk throughout the world which is the portuguese translation fora part of the song Esquadros from the Brazilian Singer Adriana Calcanhoto. And the name of the blog adress continues the song:
Eu ando pelo mundo prestando atenção em cores - which means I walk throughout the world paying attention in colours. I completely adore this song and it was more or less how I felt first time I went abroad(to live). You can listen to it here?

However, as I decided to change a little bit the language, focus and the direction of the blog I thought I should probably also think about changing the tittle of it, even though the link I won´t be able to do it. So I decided to take a look in the Travel Songs Playlist I have created before I came to Peru. (Writing as an idea for a post to organize this playlist here),
This playlist has songs in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

And one of the songs I like a lot, it is not a very catchy song, but has an awesome lyrics which I relate a lot to it. The feeling of going away, getting to know different cultures, places and horizons  makes me have a much wider vision of the world.

The song is Citizen of the planet from Alanis Morissete. You can hear it here and see the lyrics underneath it. 

I start up in the north
 I grow from a special seed
 I sprinkle it with sensibility
 From French and Hungarian snow

Until my engine's full
I linger in the sprouting
  Then I move across the sea
 To European bliss
I kiss my mother's mother

To language of poets

 As I cut the cord of home

 Look to the horizon

  Wide eyed, new ground

My president is Kwan Yin

Humbled by my new surroundings

  I am a citizen of the planet

 My frontier is on an airplane

 My prisons, homes for rehabilitating


But everything is different

Then I fly back to my rest
 I fly back with my nuclear
 So I wait
 My yearn for home is broadened

 Patriotism expanded

By callings from beyond

My laws are all of attraction

So I pack my things

 Nothing precious
I am a citizen of the planet

All things sacred

 My punishments are consequences

 Separating from source the original sin

  I am a citizen of the planet

And so the next few years are blurry

Democracy's kids are sovereign

 Where the teachers are the sages

 And pedestals filled with every parent

  The next decade's a flurry

 Of smells and tastes unknown

 Threads sewn straight through this fabric

 Through fields of every color

From simple roots through high vision

One culture to another

  And I come alive
And I am taken and globally naturalized

And I get giddy

  I am a citizen of the planet

 I am guarded by the angels

 And my body guides the direction I go in

  I am a citizen of the planet
My favorite pastime edge stretching

These ideals are born from my deepest within
Besotten with human condition

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Gabrielle Castilho disse...

Tava ouvindo Esquadros e deu vontade de vim aqui. Te amo pra sempre <3